Welcome to the Neurologikum Hamburg

The Neurologikum Hamburg was founded in 1998 by Professor Thomas Emskötter and Dr. Oliver Theis. Since 2021, Dr. Oliver Theis leads the institute together with neurologist Florian Dezséry.

The spacious rooms at the historical Hamburgian Kaufmannshaus, located between Neuer Wall and Große Bleichen, right across from The Renaissance Hotel, present a sophisticated and calming atmosphere.

We take a generous amount of time, including any necessary diagnostic procedures, to find out about your complaints and will then develop a therapeutical concept, individually tailored to your personal needs – by appointment only.

We certainly include your referring physicians in our assessments and plans, if you wish so.

Our supporting office and medical staff build a team for many years now, some of them with us from the very beginning. They will ensure, you are being assisted confidentially.

Welcome to the Neurologikum Hamburg

Dr. Oliver Theis, Florian Dezséry

Bleichenbrücke 10  |   20354 Hamburg   |   Germany   |  by appointment only: phone +49 40 3553-3737   |   Fax +49 40 3553-3750